Cream Classics

Celebrating 10 Years of the super brand Cream. Tom designed/operated the lighting for Cream Classics in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

Charlie Puth

Lighting Designer/Programmer for two headline shows in London & Paris. Working alongside Adlib Lighting Designer, Ian Tomlinson. This show was also nominated in the 2016 Knight of Illumination Awards.

Jack & Jack

Touring Lighting Designer/Programmer for European tour 2016, Working with Adlib’s Designer Ian Tomlinson.

A Doll’s House

Lighting Designer for Dissolve Theatre’s adaptation of the Ibsen classic at The Space, London. The piece featured the rarely showcased alternative ending that Ibsen wrote.

The End

Lighting Designer for Jacqueline Jones’ Jim Morrison based dance piece, The End.

Charlotte Ashdown

Lighting Designer for Charlotte Ashdown’s 2ube Extra Showcase. Extra equipment was supplied by Adlib Solutions  

Mutant Vinyl

Lighting Designer for Mutant Vinyl during the 2ube Extra Festival 2014. Extra equipment was supplied by Adlib Solutions  

A Little Night Music

I designed the lighting for Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music at LIPA. The beautifully minimalistic set, Designed by Emma Rothwell, was perfect for me to wash with colours.

Marat Sade

I worked on LIPA’s production of Marat Sade as Chief Electrician. The show was set in a thrust format which set some challenges technically. We used a large range of intelligent fixtures and the entire show was controlled by the ETC Gio Console.

Scott Steele

I was approached by Scott Steele to design the lighting for his 2ube Extra showcase. He had some pretty big ideas and wanted the show to look as ‘rocky’ as possible. I worked closely with Scott to get the exact results he wanted with fake barbed wire and plate steel laced around the stage.


I was asked by Ninetails to design their headline 2ube Extra showcase lighting.

Intelligent Lighting Show

As part of my intelligent lighting module at LIPA, I had to programme a light show to a 3 minute piece of music of my choice. I used the Wholehog 3 console along with fixtures from Robe, Martin and James Thomas.


As part of our Theatre Lighting Design module at LIPA, We were split into groups and asked to design the lighting for a 3rd year acting company piece. I worked in a team with 2 others on Howard Barker’s ‘Claw’.

Locos In A Different Light

Locos in a Different light is a yearly competition held at the National Railway Museum as part of the Illuminating York Festival. Our team lit the train ‘Maude’ with a variety of fixtures from ETC. The judges chose our design as the winning design and it was shown to the public the day after.