1 Second Everyday

Since my 20th birthday (4th of April if you want to get me a present next year!) I’ve been recording 1 second of video everyday… nearly. So far I’ve got two full months of footage and I thought it would be a nice idea to share it with people. At the start of 2013 I started a very short-lived 365 project, taking photos everyday. I took one everyday with my iPhone but I couldn’t keep up with it. There was no apps on the app store that really did what I wanted them to do, so I gave it up!

I soon heard about 1 Second Everyday a fantastic iOS App, soon to be coming to android as well by the looks of their site, that will remind you constantly to be shooting video and then once you’ve done that you can go into the app and trim the 1 second you’d like to use. It’s a fantastic little app and I’ve really enjoyed using it so far, my only gripe would be that it does swallow a lot of memory keeping this amount of footage on your iPhone! Hence why I’m uploading them here! So check out my last 2 months of being 20!

In the video you can see some of my work on Marat Sade and American Woman, which I’ll be posting more about soon!


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